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Door, Oriply BBSR

Flush Door (Boiling Water Resistant)

Oriply flush doors are manufactured from a composite construction of Sold Timber components which consist of a block board core of wood strips laid edge to edge and bonded with cross bands with the latest technology. The basic advantage is the timber structure of Oriply flush doors which are chemically treated and processed from kiln seasoned wood and are assured against warping, bulging, shrinkage, brittleness and cracks. The refined elegance of Oriply flush doors is a legacy of the joinery tradition and makes it ideal for both classic and modern interiors. Only the best available materials and timbers are used. Each phase of manufacture is carefully controlled right up to the final handcrafted finish.

Solid Door

The selected timber are properly sawn into desired size and thicknesses. After this it goes into seasoning which is most vital process of any quality door manufacturing. By-passing this process may lead to shrinkage and cause the wood to bend and crack. So kiln dried seasoning is a must.

Decorative Veneer Door

The decorative veneer are laminated on core veneer, giving them a sleek minimalistic look. The door in this range are water proof overlay of finest quality veneer that gives them their distinctively beautiful finish.

Membrane Door

The BWR Flush Door are routed by the help of a CNC machine as per customers design and size than it goes through a gluing process with solvent or water based adhesive. After application of adhesive then it is inserted into a vacuum membrane hot press with a decorative PVC film an both the side.

HDF Skin Door

It refers to the outer panel that can be assembled with wooden frames skeletons to make a door leaf. The plain high density fiber boards are use of the best quality and of reputed brand like “MASON ITE” or “ TAVERPAN “. HDF Door skins can be white primed, faced with wood veneers a covered with high quality melamine paper.

Laminated Door

Widely acclaimed innovation designs, wide spectrum of colors, elegant finish and guaranteed durability make them the best in the category by a mile and a half, The 1 mm laminate are pasted on waterproof flush door giving them their distinctively beautiful finish, carried from the best raw materials available and cut by latest cutting edge machines, these  doors are capable of withstanding the harshest of climatic conditions, without even a scratch to their exquisiteness

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